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Financial Analyst

  • Familiar with Taiwan securities market and international financial market, such as foreign exchange, blockchain, etc; Be able to grasp all aspects of information in time, have a keen perspective and unique insights, and provide daily trading strategies or operation guidance and suggestions for the marketing team;
  • Responsible for providing reasonable suggestions for customer investment, proficient in and able to operate online and offline investment report sharing meeting;
  • Responsible for the professional training of financial products, improve the understanding and recognition of financial investment of marketing team;
  • Participate in the planning, promotion, and implementation of internal marketing activities.
Job requirements:
  • Engaged in stock, futures, foreign exchange, digital currency, gold, funds, and other work experience, and independent firm offer operation experience, proficient in Mandarin and English communication;
  • Have the ability to judge the global market economy and financial situation decisively, have solid professional knowledge, have profound theoretical and practical skills, and have the ability to analyze the technical, basic and news aspects;
  • Bachelor's degree or above, articulate, abide by professional ethics, and have successfully shared their investment ideas in various platforms of we media and won many fans is preferred;
  • Holding the qualification of financial analyst is preferred, and can provide original market analysis articles;
  • Skilled use of MT4 / MT5 software operation, understand the commonly used technical indicators of the calculation formula and the principle of market analysis, will install the application of EA and various technical indicators of parameter debugging!ameter debugging!
Location: Dubai, UAE

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